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Back to page. On these pages you'll find the latest news and information, plus a record of previous updates back to the vanishing of Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370 8 March 2014. It's the most baffling mystery in aviation history—likely solved here. All options discussed—accident, sabotage, & hijack. Includes the fruitless search off western Australia.

2016+ Search Continues in Aviation's Greatest Mystery

2014 Novel Vanished: Flight 777

2016: More Wreckage Supports Africa Gambit Proposed in My 2014 Book

The mystery of Flight MH370 is not yet solved. All three lemmas or possibilities remain on the table, including the Vanished Flight 777 (novel & thought experiment) hijack with malicious intent.

(12 March 2016): Third Africa Wreckage Found? CNN A South African teenager reportedly found airline debris on a Mozambique beach in January. The find is only now reported; the debris being sent to Australia for analysis; has aircraft I.D. number.

(3 March 2016): Second Africa Wreckage Found? CNN A U.S. tourist reports finding aircraft wing debris on Mozambique sand bar. Officials say likely from a Boeing 777; therefore MH370 if true.

So far in 2016: Crickets...

(26 Jan 2016): MH370 Not In Thailand CNN today reports that Malaysian authorities have confirmed the wreckage in Thailand is not from MH370. My Africa scenario is stronger than ever. Stop looking off Western Australia and focus on the northern Indian Ocean east of Africa, west of Maldives. The plane's fuselage most likely lies at the bottom of the ocean in that area--the lemma most likely accoring to my 2014 book Vanished: Flight 777. At the time, I did not use the plane's actual flight number to avoid getting sucked into the sensationalism; the plane is of the Boeing 777 type. Why have Muslim terrorists not crowed about their exploit? Because their mission failed—to weaponize the plane in Africa and drop it on an Israeli or European target of greater impact than 9/11—and they want to reserve their idea for the next try. A high likelihood is that Iran may have been involved; it was a sophisticated effort, and two Iranian nationals were on board with stolen European passports.

(24 Jan 2016): Another Distraction? CNN today reports the find of a man-sized piece of debris on the coast of Thailand. It is apparently from a flying object, but it's unclear if it is from a commercial aircraft or a missile—possibly a Japanese missile launched in the recent past. The interesting thing about this report is that it takes the focus away from off the southwestern Australian coast, where officials have doggedly continued spending zillions insisting the wreckage of MH370 must be there. It is unlikely, based on the three lemmas or scenarios, that MH370 went down as early as its passage over Thailand. It does, however, suggest that officials must finally give up on their thick-headed ideas and start looking (as I keep saying) on the ocean floor west of Maldives.

(13 Jan 2016): Another Old Shipwreck, But No MH370. According to Luxemburger Wort, CNN, and other sources—authorities have found a wreck more than a century old, but still no aircraft so far. All three lemmas or scenarios remain on the table. My advice: search the ocean floor west of Maldives.

I'll keep you posted as the story continues to develop.


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A Novel and Thought Experiment
by John T. Cullen

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