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STOP BY: a traditional Love Story for the 21st Century—a sentimental classic in our time. Beautiful, tragic Marian Charles has become a Sleeping Beauty in her small town library. Handsome young millionaire Rick Moyer has a rocky past and a promising future—will he become her charming prince, rescue her from slumber, and complete the missing piece of his heart so they can be together happily ever after?

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Stop By: A Sentimental Love Story for the 21st Century—a Classic for Our Time

Stop By - a traditional love story by Jean-Thomas Cullenmore info about (Clocktower Books) Romantic love strikes two nice people unexpectedly, rattling their lives in surprising and wonderful ways. She is a tragic young widow, he a hurting young millionaire. Can they build a perfect future together on the ruins of their broken past lives?…


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Why is she wearing a black ribbon on her wrist? Beautiful Marian Charles has been in mourning since she was barely 26 years old, when her newly wed husband Tommy went off to war and never came back. She has been a Sleeping Beauty in the library-tower-tomb of Emery Township for too long. Can Rick Moyer become the charming prince who climbs the tower, kisses her, and rescues her from tragic slumber?

He's red hot. She's true blue. What she has to offer, any man in his right mind would give his life for. What he has to offer, any woman in her right mind would be true and fulfilled with. They've caught the spark—now can they harness the fire, close the gap, merge their hearts into one blissful life together? Read the book.