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1. Stop By: Analysis.

Stop By is a sentimental, traditional love story for the 21st Century. In an age of increasingly violent, explicit, and vulgar novels, where do we go next? How far can we go? This one stands out as the diametric opposite—something many female readers have said they long for, and this author has responded with the pure, simple, clean love story women asked to read. Its power is greater than any cheap gimmicks or shocks. The pure love story is elegant. It is not a formula, but a mirror held up to life—an idealized life, perhaps, or maybe the finest moments in any real person's youth. The reader will forever treasure these in memory, and he or she will find echoes of such sentiments here.

He or she? With alternating viewpoint chapters (Rick-Marian, Rick-Marian, etc.), male readers should find much that is appealing here. What young man has not dreamed of stumbling upon a treasure like Marian? What man would not want to rescue this Sleeping Beauty and be her Shining Knight? This is why this novel is best placed among the general fiction shelves, though in the long run it will more than hold its own among subtle, modest, gentle category romances.

This novel is as modern as it is timeless. If you feel challenged to find another love story quite like it, we have an answer for you in these analytical pages. For every reader, Stop By will be (as one reader has described it) 'a nice, sweet story…'. Readers who choose to dig deeper will find considerable character depth and development beneath that plain exterior. Come and spend a few hours with these appealing persons. Wish them well, and share in their emotional journey. You'll be glad you did.

In these pages, we share some analytical ideas and insights that will enrich your enjoyment of Stop By. These pages are from the review copy submissions to Publishers Weekly, Library Journal, and other review venues.