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6. Sleeping Beauty, Shining Knight.

Foremost among these mysteries is a gorgeous but tragic Sleeping Beauty named Marian Charles—a librarian, a young war widow who is living on autopilot amid the utter shock and sudden destruction of her life.

Marian was a happy newly-wed a few years ago, when her young husband Tommy went off to war, never to return. Now she is the Sleeping Beauty in her own stories for small children at the library—and Rick will be her Shining Knight, though he will need some time to find his way there.

The male lead—Rick Moyer, also a veteran but alive and intact—is a hard-working young millionaire with a rocky past (a messy divorce and some oppressive family matters needing resolution) and a brilliant future.

Marian (the Librarian) is chief story teller at the Free Public Library in tiny Emery, Connecticut. She spends time each day with K-1 children from the grammar school nearby, reading them stories. Marian is a Sleeping Beauty from her own stories, in her quiet little town in the woods. As we will see in a moment, she realizes the depth of her loss and predicament, but has no idea how to grasp it, much less do something to help herself. So she remains on autopilot.