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A Brief History of the Future History. As youth in the 1960s, John Argo devoured stories by the masters of SF who invented Future History (Robert Heinlein's Future History; Isaac Asimov's Foundation Trilogy, Cordwainer Smith's Norstrilia, Frank Herbert's Dune). The 1950s and 1960s were an age of consolidation, when many of the great anthologists were compiling histories of the Golden Age. These included Damon Knight, Judith Merrill, Anthony Boucher, Healey-McComas, August Derleth, and the like. From them, John Argo derived a comprehensive sense of the range and complexity of SF in all of its forms. As a student of Literature, Languages, Classics, and History, he came to understand the role of mythology and imagination in the human psyche in ways that expressed themselves in his own fiction. Spending his childhood in bombed-out Europe immediately after World War II, and living in several countries as a U.S. Army brat with a European mother, he developed a very real acuity for history as a real, organic process.

At age 15, John Argo began writing his own future history in a novel titled Cosmopolis: City of the Universe, which languished unpublished for over 50 years until now. It will be published in 2015 as a historical artifact underscoring the vast concept of space and time that the author has created over a lifetime of imagineering. Specializing in literary and history studies, and having lived in multiple societies and being multilingual, the authors has constructed a panoramic, fictional empire of time anchored in mythology and paleontology as well.

By 2014, ten of these diverse novels are available as the Empire of Time series. A handful more exist as unpublished manuscripts that will become available soon, including the seminal Cosmopolis on which the entire saga is anchored at a point around 5000 CE. Another half dozen or more titles are planned, to round out the series and give it definitive form and overall progression over an arc from A to Z, spanning eons. The author's goal is to complete the series by 2019 (Blade Runner year!).

During this process, more commentary will be added to round out our understanding of this hyper-Stapledonian project. In the meantime, readers can enjoy the haunting adventures of humans in the twilight regions close to home on Earth, or in the distant loneliness of unimaginably far empires and planets in the cosmos.