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Six Great Epochs, A Million Stories. The Empire of Time saga sprawls over eons of time and vast tracts of space. Here are the major sectors or divisions:

1. Down Time Sector

All time to 10,000 YA, especially the Pleistocene (geologically 'recent' ice ages 5MY). Not yet written, but in planning form. Hope to complete entire series by 2019 CE.

2. Holo Time Sector

Our geological epoch 10KYA to (author's fictional convenience) 3000 CE or ending this millennium.

3. Side Time Sector

Some stories that fit awkwardly close to our time at best; parallel worlds? but linked to our time frame.

4. Mid Time Sector

3000-5000 CE, in two periods: (a) 3000-4000 an age of peace & prosperity; (b) 4000-5000 CE, conquest & hubris leading to downfall by 5000 CE.

5. Up Time Sector

5000 CE to distant eons; (a) Inversion of Man 5000-7000 CE humans hunted & enslaved; (b) ManTime, a renaissance of wondrous glory fading eventually into more warfare & disaster (Time Wars).

6. Final Time Sector

At the Cosmopause or End/Membrane of Universe Space/Time. The final resolution to the entire series, dating from deep Down Time forward through the eons.