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We offer fresh writing projects—plus the Clocktower Books Museum dating from 1996 forward. The Read-a-Latte concept follows our long-standing Clocktower Fiction tradition of offering readers huge amounts of reading for free or the price of a cup of coffee. As some of the earliest publishers on line, our premise is to avoid bloated and excessive pricing while offering the highest professional quality in writing and editing. We bring decades of professional writing, editing, and publishing experience to the task, also drawing upon multiple, advanced college degrees in relevant disciplines ranging from languages and literatures to business/IT.

Clocktower Books is proud to tell the world of our extensive involvement at the leading edge of digital publishing, since the dawn of the World Wide Web. Learn about Clocktower Fiction's pioneering concepts, delivered with professionalism and talent. Learn about our acclaimed magazine, Deep Outside SFFH, launched in 1998 and retitled Far Sector SFFH in 2002 until its closure in 2007. We were the world's oldest, web-only professional magazine of speculative and dark fiction over much of that period. Our writer's resource Sharpwriter served countless happy customers with reviews, articles, and portals for grammar, style, usage, and other handy desktop resources (1998-2006). The Clocktower Books novels and short stories continue to span most categories of fiction and nonfiction. Clocktower Books has earned its place in the sun. We are proud to tell you our story in these museum pages, including free (copyright registered!) reading of the world's first two complete downloadable novels—Neon Blue (Suspense) and Cold Bright (Speculative Fiction).

Neon Blue Fiction (Suspense) March 1996+


The Haunted Village SFFH 3 July 1996+


Deep Outside SFFH (Online Magazine 1998-2007)

Historic magazine's 1st iteration to 2001; continued as Far Sector SFFH; see Museum


Far Sector SFFH (Online Magazine 1998-2007)

Continuation of Deep Outside SFFH 2001-2007; see Museum