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The Haunted Village (1996 Website)

John T. Cullen and Brian Callahan, creators

The Haunted Village (SF/F/H) went live on the 4th of July weekend 1996. On our two websites at that time (Neon Blue Fiction and The Haunted Village) we published some of the first e-books ever published online for download. These were the first standard book length (90,000 - 132,000 words), complete, proprietary (not public domain) books published as downloadable e-books in HTML and TXT formats. We further innovated by releasing them one chapter per week, in weekly serial chapters released every Sunday evening—just in time for Monday morning coffee and a good read in many places around the world, including readers in New Zealand, South Africa, Germany, China, and many other places around the world. This was a fresh, unique new way of doing things, and we received notes of praise and thanks from all over the globe. The first two SF novels published this way were This Shoal of Space (SF, originally titled Heartbreaker) and Pioneers. At NBF, we simultaneously published Neon Blue.