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Deep Outside SFFH (Web Magazine)

John T. Cullen and Brian Callahan, creators

Deep Outside SFFH is the original 1998 web magazine of speculative & dark fiction created by Brian Callahan and John T. Cullen - more info at the Museum on the Clocktower Books website. In 2001, Brian turned over sole proprietorship to John as Brian went on to found sighco.com. Brian has continued to assist John with various design tasks over the years. John renamed the magazine Far Sector SFFH in 2001 and continued to manage it with the help of A. L. Sirois, Dennis Latham, John K. Muir, and Shaun Farrell until closing in January 2007. Mike Ashley, author and publisher in the U.K. (Mammoth Books, etc.) is releasing a multi-part history of sf/f/h magazine publishing from the 1930s to 2000. Our magazine will be featured in the final book culminating in 2000.