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Where Am I?
You're in the right place. You either came here from the Museum Page at Clocktower Books, or else from Publishing Industry News. This page explains the museum page for Sharpwriter.com, my acclaimed writer's resource site (Writer's Digest, 1999: "One of the year's 101 best websites for writers"). …top

Under Construction
The museum page for Sharpwriter.com (my original spelling, including the dot-com) is under re-construction. My intention is not to try and revive the entire massive website, which took thousands of hours of work by myself and by at least a dozen volunteer staff over nearly a decade. However, the spirit of SharpWriter.com lives on in a new venture, Publishing Industry News (soon—see next). …top

Publishing Industry News
You may have arrived at this page from the About page at Publishing Industry News. Clicking on the logos at the top of this page will return you to the Publishing Industry News website. Publishing Industry News is the next karmic life cycle of Sharpwriter.com, which began in 1998 as a writer's resource website. The strengths of Sharpwriter.com included the fact that I personally used it as my writing desktop, with all the many resources from dictionaries and encyclopedias to grammar sites and all manner of business pages (e.g., writer's block, copyright law, and more). With the launch of Publishing Industry News, I am once again working in an area that is a passion for me, and close to my heart. I bring a lot of useful background to the job, including a Master's in Business Administration whose career specialty for me turned out to be in the publishing industry. Dear Reader, take what is useful to you, and best luck in your life as a Sharp Writer. …top