Tales of the Raven (long, linked stories in this book) is part of a series of novels and tales by professional archeologist and popular author Deborah Cannon.

The overall series title is The Raven Chronicles—three novels and this collection to date. The three novels are: The Raven's Pool, White Raven, and Ravenstone. The fourth novel, Raven's Blood, will be published by Trafford in 2012.

The Raven is a shaman or sorcerer living among the Northwest Coast people of North America (U.S. and Canada) thousands of years ago, but his magic transcends time and space to touch our world today as well as his own.

Deborah Cannon is a professional archeologist as well as an acclaimed novelist. She has authored numerous important scholarly works for academic reading, in addition to her popular fiction.

She writes exciting series pirate fiction for young adults, starting with The Pirate Vortex: Elizabeth Latimer, Pirate Hunter.

Tales of the Raven - Deborah Cannon