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Rx Mysteries (Pharmacy Sleuth Trilogy)

Cozy Mysteries with a Pharma Twist. Author Renée Horowitz is uniquely positioned to give us at least three wonderful gifts to love, and a prescription for reading joy:
A clever, attractive, brilliant, and determined young female pharmacist sleuth;
Cozy mysteries in the finest traditions of Agatha Christie (Miss Marple; Inspector Hercule Poirot), Georges Simenon (Inspector Jules Maigret), and Leslie Charteris (Simon Templar or The Saint), to name just three;
And the expertise to drill down because guess what? Both the author and her husband Arthur Horowitz were born to pharmacist parents, so René has lived the life and talks the talk. She is writing from the heart—from hers direct to yours.

Trilogy or Separate. The novels were first published separately by Avon in New York City, so these are classic reprints. Clocktower Books has bundled them into a single volume, knowing you won't be able to stop reading and you'll want the whole trio all at once. Click the images below for browse/buy links and more info at Amazon.

Rx for Murder (#1 of a Trilogy) is a cozy mystery that offers an authentic, behind-the-scenes look at the pharmacy world from a knowledgeable author. Clever and charming heroine Ruthie Morris Cantor makes this first novel in the Rx Series a fascinating mystery of manners. What did his prescription records reveal to convince Ruthie that Harry Stokes's death was murder? As family members demand those records from Ruthie, suspicion shifts from the victim's young wife to the Scottsdale, Arizona pharmacist herself. Soon Ruthie finds she must unmask the murderer or become the next victim.

Deadly Rx (#2 of a Trilogy) once again introduces cozy mystery sleuth and Arizona pharmacist Ruthie Cantor Morris. Did she make a fatal mistake in filling a teenage girl's prescription? Or did someone else substitute the fatal, blood-thinning medication? Convinced she made no error, Ruthie must discover what really happened to Amy Brookman. Ruthie's professional reputation is at stake. As the pharmacist uncovers myriad Brookman family secrets, she begins to realize her own life is in terrible danger.

Rx Alibi (#3 of a Trilogy) brings back charming and persistent Arizona pharmacist Ruthie Cantor Morris in a cozy but life-and-death mystery. When Andrea Felder is murdered, Ruthie discovers a prescription drug the police have overlooked. Does it pinpoint the killer—or is it a false lead? Suspects include the Arizona pharmacist's best friend, Denise, and the mysterious Tony—Denise's abusive former boyfriend. Ruthie and her staff pharmacist also face a hostage confrontation at the supermarket pharmacy, and other non-stopk, terrifying situations.