Vanished Flight 777 News & Updates       10 Jul 2014

July 2014 BBC—Attacks foiled on Eiffel Tower

Sept 2010 CNN—Many earlier attack plans foiled; they will never stop; will one involve flying a plane into the Eiffel Tower or other targets? We must be prepared.

5 Jul 2014 BBC: Religious & Cultural Vandalism Remember the Buddha statues of Bamiyan, blown up by Taliban fanatics a few years ago? Isis in Mesopotamia are showing every bit the same (or more) horrifying extreminism as they destroy religious shrines sacred to their own Islam. When we ask ourselves: what would they do with a stolen 777? we need not think for a moment that they would refrain from destroying the most precious shrines of Christendom or Judaism, for example. That would include Hagia Sofia (museum, former church and former mosque) in Istanbul, or St. Peter's Basilica in Rome, or St. Paul's Cathedral in London, or the magnificent Dom in Cologne. Anything is up for grabs.

Equally sickening is the destruction of many artifacts dating to the dawn of human civilization—something these creatures know nothing about. Imagine them with a stolen Boeing 777 instead of a sledge hammer—and remember tha they have Ph.D. sympathizers, as well as surreptitious, two-faced generals, politicians, and business leaders in regional governments who hate the West and want to see us humbled. The generals who colluded to give Osama bin Laden a safe haven in their own neighborhood in Pakistan are a prime example. The Saudis and Yeminis/Emiratis who fund ISIS are another example. There are also sympathizers living in the West, like the shoe bombers and their handlers. The fundamentalist scourge is a serious and life threatening cancer present in all religions and populations (e.g., think of the Khmer Rouge in 1980s Cambodia, the Cultural Revolution in 1960s China, or the Hitler movement in 1930s Germany). Remember 9/11—nobody would have thought 9/11 possible, but propelled by their limitless hate, the fanatics pulled it off. Let's seriously keep an eye out for the missing Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370, because it could be sailing our way any day soon with a load of destruction on board: see next item. Not saying that it will; but we must keep all options on the table for our own survival as a civilization.

(CNN video) ISIS Has Captured Radioactive Material in Mosul—Dirty Bomb Next?  The material seized by the fanatics at the former university in Mosul is radioactive, but not the ultra-enriched material used in atomic bombs. However, the fear in the West has been (especially since the breakup of the Soviet Union in 1991) that lunatics might get a hold of radioactive material and build a 'dirty bomb' that could be exploded with dynamite or that U.S. fundamentalist lunatic Timothy McVeigh favorite, dieseled fertilizer. The worst-case result could be a blast of radiation sickness in a population center, with tens of thousands dying a slow, agonizing death and generations affected with mutated DNA. Nothing would delight a fanatical psychopath more. Osama bin Laden would be grinning radioactively in his grave under the sea.  related BBC story 



What really happened to the missing Malaysian airliner, Flight MH370? The author has written a delicious thriller that also works as a thought experiment. What if the plane did not fall into the sea? What if terrorists hijacked it, are now weaponizing it, and will soon unleash the most horrific attack since 9/11? Join us in thinking through the possibilities in hope of averting a catastrophe. The author is a military veteran and scholar—no crackpot ideas, just terrifying calculations you won't want to miss.


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