Vanished Flight 777 News & Updates       24 Jul 2014

Algerian Flight AH5017 Down     ISIS Destroy Another Shrine

ISIS Again: Fifty More Shades of Al Qaeda

ISIS/L Blow Up Shrine of Jonah—Proving its Insanity and Meaninglessness. If this CNN report is to be believed, then the enemas of civilization have once again demonstrated their evil and worthlessness. It has been heartbreaking to see them destroy one Shi'a or Buddhist shrine after another, but nothing can inure one to the heartbreaking view of this dynamite cult exercising their totality of destruction like these videos. You hear one of the acolytes of insanity howling triumphantly toward the end of the video. This video, or its scene, no doubt was staged and framed by ISIS to demonstrate to the world the absolute craziness of the nightmare in which they live. They and their bedfellows (the Fifty Shades of Al Qaeda) have also destroyed Christian and other shrines wherever they go (most famously, the lost Buddhas of Bamiyan in Afghanistan).

AFP Report-Yahoo News. A far more comprensive report comes from Agence France Presse via Yahoo News. AFP reports that the terror regime (caliphate) has now destroyed over 45 holy places or shrines. These are most likely all Shi'a shrines or the like, testifying to the underlying (and dishonest) sectarian hatred used as a credibility vehicle for ISIS' raw, meaningless destructiveness. Their campaign of annihilation is their end in itself; the eradication of Shi'a shrines is a byproduct of their loathing for all things that are humane, and kind, and make sense. Read Wikipedia info here and also here. While we are on Wikipedia, read background information about the perpetrators here. Remember, however, that this is only the latest and most virulent manifestation of a disease (terror in the service of absolute pseudo-religious fanaticism) currently spread through most of the Islamic world. Since the 1972 terror attacks on the Olympic Games at Munich, this sickness has manifested itself in the First World as well. It seems these terms ("worlds") invented by Charles deGaulle decades ago are regaining some of their relevance, especially as Vlad-the-Inhaler Putin once again huffs and puffs Russia into a militaristic dictatorship (from a corrupt, lawless Mafiopolis such as it was both during and after Soviet times; current eyes on Ukraine and Flight MH17). One might argue that we are not quite done with the 20th Century.

Enemas of Civilization. So, apropos Vanished Flight 777, does anyone really think they would stop short of destroying the holy shrines of Mecca, Jerusalem, Rome, Istanbul, or elsewhere? They have already struck New York City and the Pentagon, and the plane downed in Pennsylvania was headed for the White House. So, do we want to stick our heads in the sand and deny the strong possibility that the reworked ghost of Flight MH370 will soon be headed toward a shrine sacred to you? I have mentioned St. Peter's Basilica in Rome, St. Paul's Cathedral in London, and the Kölner Dom cathedral in Germany as examples. The Eiffel Tower has been the subject of several serious bomb plots, so far fortunately foiled by French police. The fanatics are not about spreading a religion, be it Islam or Bedlam, but are spreading a disease: chaotic fanaticism, which translates into hatred of civilization—quite evident, as well, in the many U.S. moral midgets like Timothy McVeigh, who hate and kill because in their emptiness, hate is the only thing they contain. Hearing the delusional ululations of some foot soldier as the dust settles from the destruction of the Tomb of Jonah mosque, one understands how one-dimensional and shallow is the time horizon of an individual who looks forward only to his own imminent death and non-existent virgins in a heaven he will never reach.


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