Vanished Flight 777 News & Updates       25 July 2014

Algerian Flight AH5017 Down     ISIS Destroy Another Shrine

Update: ISIS/L Murder Rampage & Threats Continue

Isis Blow Up Shrine of Jonah (More). (Update 7/25) CNN Photo Gallery.

Syria Update; ISIS/L Rolls On. BBC presents an excellent map and snapshot of the situation in Syria, along with Mesopotamia either captured or under threat from ISIS/L. The June photo of two fighters is very significant. Note the fusions of (a) old and young and (b) a European looking man on the left, with an Asian looking man on the right. This suggests recruitment far beyond the region, a particularly worrisome feature that recalls the mobility of Afghan resistance fighters of the 1990s into the Bosnia-Herzegovina conflicts of the former Yugoslavia. BBC article.

Ali Psycho in Canada (CBC). A Canadian citizen went berserk on a Toronto-Panama flight, causing an international incident (CBC). It is impossible to ignore that the 25 year old Canadian citizen has a Muslim sounding name (Ali Shahi). Details are scarce, and this is pure speculation, but could this man's psychosis be coincidentally inspired (or even manipulated) by the spreading global violence and chaos of radical Islam? Implication: coming to a neighborhood or airport near you next, wherever you may be. Maybe it's a new virus, similar to Stockholm Syndrome, that will be called Toronto Syndrome, in which a madman's sick energies become focused by a kind of hyper-Islamic hysteria (shoe bomber, underwear bomber, etc.). There will increasingly be a need for help from good, solid Muslim citizens around the world to turn in the nuts in their families and neighborhoods to police. It's already virtually impossible for Christians and other minorities to exist in Muslim countries; maybe the end result of this hideous ugliness (serving what religious purpose, pray tell?) will be similar pogroms in reverse against Muslims living in free, progressive societies. Stay tuned.

Terror Havens in Syria and Iraq. This report from CNN ((Five reasons the West should worry)) is hours later, and much broader in scope, than the earlier CNN report yesterday. This CNN story makes the following five major points:

CNN: Five reasons why the fight in Syria and Iraq could spill over to the West.
> 1. ISIS has the manpower, money and know-how to hit the West
2. Expert Yemeni bomb makers may join like-minded Westerners in Syria
3. Western fighters who leave Syria could take their fight back home
4. Would-be jihadists could become radicalized 'lone wolves'.
5. Foreign fighters who go home could build terror networks of their own.
Read more in the report ((same link as above).

Live Example Breaking: Norway. According to government officials, Oslo has credible intelligence that an Islamic terror attack is imminent in the next few days. The Scandinavian nation has been on al Qaeda's hate radar for over a decade. In a recent BBC interview, Hamas leader Kaled Meshal mentions that Yasser Arafat was frustrated during negotiations in Oslo a generation ago, which may explain some of the negative mythology of Oslo for the Palestinians. Norwegian police released no other details at this time. The report echoes concerns in other European nations including the U.K.

ISIS Destroy Another Shrine     Algerian Flight AH5017 Down

Update: Algerian Airliner Missing in NW Africa.

No Survivors; Map. Here is the most current BBC report (early morning 7/25 PST).

MH17: Mishandling, Negotiations. Pro-Russian separatists and Putin operatives in Ukraine continue to hamper proper investigation efforts by Ukrainian and international experts, says this BBC Report, while involved foreign nations negotiate about next steps.

Aerial Danger Zones. With thousands of flights in the air, around the world, at any time, here is a map of some danger spots: CNN Maps/Analysis.

Two Big Questions. Is Crimea a done deal as a new Russian possession, and is Putin's appetite for foreign adventures satisfied? Global muscle-flexing by Russian forces suggests the ride is far from over. Relative to our theme, Russian adventurism will destabilize a vast region, adding to the unrest caused by ISIS/L, and creating more opportunity for the jibad to spread its horror. Three major airline disasters in the recent past are all suspicious, and point to the possibility of sophisticated terror strategies at work, as I theorize in my novel and thought experiment Vanished Flight 777.

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