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Excellent CNN Report: Four+ Failed States in Region

Al Qaeda Clones Proliferate—Europe, U.S. Threatened? (Update August 9th) CNN Analysis 9 August. CNN Analyst Paul Cruikshank discusses the broader regional picture surrounding the ISIS insurgency, and its implications for a new 9/11 type terrorist strike in the West. That is a key element in the novel/thought experiment Vanished Flight 777. This report is so good, especially the maps toward the end, that I urge you to watch it several times to absorb the information.

New Names, Same Old Agenda Expect to see the localized names of these groups to pop up daily on your news radar screen. Cruikshank cites unnamed intelligence sources in showing a map on which at least four major terror clones of Al Qaeda are named. We are most familiar with the ISIS/L insurgency in Mesopotamia (Iraq). But consider the three largest other (of numerous groups with similar radical Sunni Muslim agendas. In Libya, there is the Al Murabitun terror group that has sprung up in the vacuum of power and ideas following Ghadafi's overthrow. In Somalia, which is not even considered a nation, we have long been familiar with Al Shabaab—whose fighters, among other horrors, ambush young girls drawing water at local rivers, and cut their lips off out of sheer rage and hate against women. Then we have the terrorists of Aqap in Yemen, which joined Saudi terrorists in staffing the death planes in the U.S. attacks of 9/11. And of course we are speaking of the Islamic State (so-called, ISIS, which also calls itself a 'caliphate' in the failed state of post-Saddam/Bush Iraq. There are already numerous less well known organizations of this type around the world, including those in various European countries. Can the U.S. be far behind? Absolutely not.

Spreading Like Theocratic Ebola. Cruikshank strongly theorizes that ISIS in particular is working its way toward another 9/11 attack some time soon. I discuss all this (fictionally) in my thriller Vanished Flight 777, which ought to be read for its possible scenarios as well as its ominous story line. I don't have a smoking gun to prove the cautionary premise of the novel (that Muslim terrorists hijacked Flight MH370, are weaponizing it, and will at the time and place of their choosing, commit another 9/11 atrocity on the West). However, my point is not so much to suggest a possible solution to the MH370 disappearance as it is to raise a spectrum of possibilities that we'll ignore at our own peril. My experience thus far is that the media, intelligence, and the Pentagon are entrenched in how information flows in their entrenched channels (the media being a business, and government a bureaucracy). My MH370 scenario is merely one of multiple ways that these monsters can strike at the civilized, decent world. Just as there are plenty of wealthy Saudis and other Muslim business types covertly supporting anything that hurts the West, so you can be sure there are intellectual and scientist sympathizers hard at work on a new world order in which they can play for themselves a more profitable role.

Pakistan A Likely Aider and Abettor. One of several major examples of this lies in a 2011 U.K./Guardian report that Pakistani generals helped North Korea's rogue regime acquire nuclear technology. To do this, the Pakistani military and intelligence (ISS) leaders had access to atomic technology developed feverishly after the 1970s wars with India, which led to a nuclear arms race on the Indian subcontinent. Leading Pakistani nuclear scientists were allegedly complicit in the unlawful transfer of atomic secrets to the Kim Jong Il regime. Likewise, who really believes that the leading Pakistani generals in their Generals' Row in Abbottabad did not know that Osama bin Laden was occupying an entire, fortified city block in that top Pakistani military and intel center? Please, who is kidding whom? This overlapping of interests and entanglements plays into the strategies of the global Muslim extremist terror movement, a savage and merciless 7th Century wave of brutality that seeks to repeat the quasi-domination of the early Islamic conquerors of the region. Like a crumbling Rome or Parthia, the West will either let itself be surrounded, infiltrated, and bombed into history—or do everything possible to stem this global terror movement.

United States Unready—Torn By Its Own Internal Power Conflicts. I will post analysis elsewhere, but fundamentally the United States has been tearing itself apart for a good many generations over its own baked in conflicts that never seem to go away. These include the bitter (and senseless) divisions by which two vast power cartels manipulated ordinary citizens into the savagery of the Civil War (1861-1865); whose fallout continues to play into the hands of opportunists and manipulators. I will address my analysis of this in an appropriate forum in the near future. The United States may well be too weak from the long struggle by corporations (the Health Denial Industry, laughingly called 'Health Insurance Industry') to prevent health care reform at any cost, to effectively mount the needed defense against the global threat of Al Qaeda. Perhaps worst of all, the investor base of U.S. corporations is increasingly dominated by foreign money, which filters disproportionate 'contributions' (bribes, payola) to willing accomplices in Congress (most of the soft money going to Republican politicians by a ratio of at least 8 or 10 to 1, with a pittance to the Democrats or party of labor to make it not look 100% blatant). With human nature unchanging, in the Human Condition, is it really possible that the 7th Century may become the winner in a fight with the 21st Century? We will find out out soon enough.


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What really happened to the missing Malaysian airliner, Flight MH370? The author has written a delicious thriller that also works as a thought experiment. What if the plane did not fall into the sea? What if terrorists hijacked it, are now weaponizing it, and will soon unleash the most horrific attack since 9/11? Join us in thinking through the possibilities in hope of averting a catastrophe. The author is a military veteran and scholar—no crackpot ideas, just terrifying calculations you won't want to miss.


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