Vanished Flight 777 News & Updates       22 Aug 2014

Malaysian State Funeral Ceremonies

Ongoing War Prevents Recovery of All MH17 Victims. The nation of Malaysian has mourned victims of the Ukraine/Russia MH17 disaster at a state funeral. As I watched this video, I could only wonder if some day soon the world will mourn a bomb attack using the vanished plane of Flight MH370. I was also touched by the images of children's stuffed animals strewn across the crash site in Ukraine. As to any crash site related to MH370, this is utterly unknown.

Mesopotamian War Update, Part A (Gaza)

Joys of Hamas and Gaza. According to news sources, Hamas (the dictatorship that kills Palestinians and Israelis alike) has murdered at least 18 informers from among its members who they say were informing for Israel. So much for love of fellow Arabs and Muslims. This comes on the heel of news that IDF was able to target and kill three top Hamas commanders, which may be a cause to that effect. Meanwhile, Hamas has admitted being the murders of the three Israeli teenagers in June, which started the current hostilities in Gaza. Perhaps this is a spiteful gesture, meaning Hamas effectively admits seeking to start this conflict that has cost over 2,000 Palestinian lives for nothing. It becomes ever more clear that Hamas are another variation of Al Qaeda and ISIS/L, who have utter contempt for the people they claim to represent, who are apparently expendable in their relentless and single goal which is to annihilate Israel rather than promote Palestinian interests. The ruthless and reckless methods of Hamas align them morally and repugnantly with the other radicals who are reducing the Fertile Crescent to an unlivable field of ashes and embers. The reality is, ultimately, that the West, which is still dependent on the region's oil, has little in the way of allies in the region—and fortunately, next to nothing of strategic interest outside the oil. The oil, however, is a major strain on Western attentions. Fantastic kingdoms and republics however are outside the pale of the need to pretend anymore. I have long thought that maybe we ought to simply seize the oil fields, and administer them fairly on behalf of the natives, until the natives can rise toward something more than their apparently Mesolithic life style.

Mesopotamian War Update, Part B (Rest of Region)

Glimpses From Hell. It is not my intention here to provide comprehensive news about the ongoing, complex war(s) in Mesopotamia and the Levant. In fact, all that I post here is subsidiary to my thought experiment and novel Vanished Flight 777, of which I do not believe we have heard the last. Some news items have a summary value worth recapitulating here.

ISIS Funding. According to CNN sources, ISIS/L generates about $3 million a day for its genocide by smuggling oil to—whom? Who are the buyers, knowing the nature of ISIS/L? One has to wonder if they are more covert, cynical, West-haters like the wealthy Saudi and Emirati business creeps who sit in their $10,000 London made suits, twirling their diamond-studded gold rings and watches from Switzerland and Austria, and write checks for the terrorists while collecting oil profits (which they share with front companies of Cheney, W, and other Western corporate-republican dreck). Excellent article that highlights the black markets in Jordan, Turkey, Syria, and apparently all the rest of the region, which says something about the region. It says that, at a grass roots level, fanatics and ordinary people are carrying on genocide and survival, with various shades of sympathy depending on ethnic loyalties. At a higher level, the Western-oriented power brokers are raking in tons of profits by milking the oil trade. You can bet that arms dealers are becoming fat and happy as well. Did anyone see a single Saudi or Emirati helicopter helping out the Yazidis? Of course not. Nobody gives a shit. It's their religion and their way of life. They laugh. I think they look back at the Crusades, figure the Ferengi lasted about 200 years before being pushed out, and Israel's lease on life is therefore about one third finished by that standard. That's simplistic, I know, because the people doing this thinking are Western stooges (Saudi and Emirati desert tribesmen turned into zillionaires by oil, and former Soviet client dictators who have now been largely killed off except for lone Basher Al-Assad who hasn't gotten the memo yet in Damascus. He and his wife, Miss Piggy, should have been on a plane loaded with cash long ago, bound for exile in London or Canada. We'll see their scorched heads on poles soon enough, along with many of their Alawi sect leaders. They are a Shia sect, traditionally enemies with the Sunnis, so you can imagine what ISIS/L will do to them, not to mention their Sunni subjects in Syria that they have mercilessly tortured, bombed, and massacred (shades of fellow ex-Soviet stooge Ghadafi in Libya).

Shia Mosque Massacre. At least 65 Sunni worshipers were murdered in a mosque by Shia terrorists, harbingering the beginning of a probable bloodletting of unprecedented proportions. The hormone and Koran-crazed young thugs of ISIS/L are starting to run into seasoned, equally ruthless fighters from other persuasions. The other fighters are fired up with revenge and shame, and ready to rub the ISIS/L gangsters' faces in their own mierda. As could be expected, ISIS/L's free run is coming to an end. "For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction"—physics gods. The message to Western powers is: secure the oil, and otherwise stay out or get butchered. One of the forgotten lessons of Afghanistan and other foggy conflicts is that, once you insert Western noses of W-like stupidity into local wars, everyone sits back and lets the nonsensical invaders or crusaders knock themselves out. It is like the Observer Principle in physics, which asserts that any observations or measurements of phenomena during an experiment will change the outcome in unexpected ways. Here, the ways are quite expected, including the ultimate outcome; which is that, when the foreigners are worn out and leave, the natives have had a good rest and butcher each other with refreshed ferocity. That in turn means that next to nothing was actually changed by the invasion.

A counter-argument to this will be if some of the troops we trained and equipped with stand and fight, once the situation devolves a bit to local and ethnic issues, which will be a tremendous motivating factor, unlike the 30,000 man garrison at Mosul, faced by 800 ISIS/L mostly teenage punks. There is, however, an explanation for that. Under Maliki, you had a Shia-heavy officer and NCO corps leading a Sunni-heavy enlisted force. As the Sunni terrorists of ISIS/L approached, the Shia leadership ran like the wind to avoid getting Najibulla'd. Meanwhile, the largely Sunni enlisted force saw no reason to leave their native Nineveh territory. Rather, being of the same ethnic and sectarian persuasion as the approaching thugs, they either melted back into the woodwork, or joined their sectarian pals, blood being thicker than water. Najibulla was the Communist party chief left as head of state in Kabul when the Soviets pulled out. When the Taliban entered Kabul as triumphant conquerors, their first move was to find Najibulla in his palace, castrate him, stuff his genitals into his mouth, and hang him from a lamp post. I'm sure they also tortured him some more along the way. As infidels (in the eyes of the sectarian ISIS/L thugs, the Shia leadership deserted as fast as their U.S. made hummers would carry them south into Shia territory. What this really highlights is not just the cynical corruption of Maliki and nearly everyone in the region, but the incompetence and myopia of Western powers in thinking Iraq is a 'nation' that must be 'unified'. Right. Trent Lott, a corporate-republican. racist gangster from Mississippi, had this much right if one may paraphrase: trying to remotely manage sectarian tribes that are barely Neolithic, much less urban, civilized, or nation-states is like herding cats—impossible, pointless, and foolish.

Mesopotamia and the Levant will go through a predictable blood bath while the regional and local powers sort things out as they should have been able to do before Western (French, British, U.S.) oil interests arrived in the 1920s to fill the vacuum left by the former Ottoman empire. Message to the West: Secure the oil to save the world economy, and butt out. Exception 1: provide air cover to our only allies in the region of any value, the Kurds and the Israelis if necessary, enough to cripple the ISIS/L fanatics and give other local militias a chance to get at their blood. Exception 2: where possible, provide humanitarian relief to innocent victims as we have done with the Yazidis and should have done with Christian and other minorities.

In Related Other News…

CNN Summary News Page for MH17. Here is a CNN page dedicated to the news items about MH17. Do they yet have a similar summary for the lost Flight MH370, which is after all the subject of my novel and of these web pages? Or must we wait until the fanatics fly the weaponized plane into Saint Peter's in Rome or some other Western target that will really hurt?


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