Vanished Flight 777 News & Updates       29 Aug 2014

New Cell Phone Analysis.

Last Effort to Contact Flight MH370. When the airliner went missing on 8 March 2014, Malaysian ground controllers tries a last ditch effort to contact it by satellite phone, according to a new story just released. Authorities are keeping to the theory that the flight turned south over the Indian Ocean, perhaps flying on autopilot because the passengers and crew, including pilots, were unconscious for unknown reasons.

In my novel and thought experiment Vanished Flight 777, my point was that the world must be aware of a possible new Islamic terrorist hijacking that would lead to the next horrifying 9/11 style attack. Whether it is Flight MH370 or a future plane is less the question than the certainty that the terrorists, having succeeded beyond their wildest dreams on 9/11, are no doubt already thinking of the next attack along those same lines. Consider: all of their major terrorist attacks (New York City, Madrid, London, etc.) have involved modes of transportation. Add to that the Lockerbie catastrophe (a downed airliner) and subsequent attempts on airliners including shoe bombers, underwear bombers, etc., and you have what amounts to a sure thing.

The scenario outlined in my novel is just one possible way it may happen. We can be 99% sure it will happen again. As to Flight MH370, the possibility is still very much in play that my scenario holds true: the plane was hijacked by Al Qaeda types, is being weaponized in a hidden location, and will be unleashed in a spectacular attack. Most likely, the attack will come on an anniversary date. That could be May (the month in which bin Laden was killed by U.S. forces) or September (the anniversary of their most successful attack against civilization to date).


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What really happened to the missing Malaysian airliner, Flight MH370? The author has written a delicious thriller that also works as a thought experiment. What if the plane did not fall into the sea? What if terrorists hijacked it, are now weaponizing it, and will soon unleash the most horrific attack since 9/11? Join us in thinking through the possibilities in hope of averting a catastrophe. The author is a military veteran and scholar—no crackpot ideas, just terrifying calculations you won't want to miss.


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