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About Clocktower Books and Deep Outside/Far Sector SFFH

Note: More info on our Museum website.

According to this Wikipedia Internet e-book publishing timeline, Clocktower Books (1996, not yet listed) began publishing novel-length proprietary (not public domain) e-book novels online (in weekly serial download chapters) in 1996—the first in history to do so (as distinguished from selling portable physical media like print books, audio books, or CDs). It appears very likely that John T. Cullen published the first true, proprietary e-book novels online for download in 1996. The jury has not yet convened.

Under the imprints Neon Blue Fiction (Suspense, launched April 1996) and The Haunted Village (SFFH, launched July 1996), we were the world's first publisher to publish entire proprietary novels on line, in weekly serial chapters (1996-7). Specifically, NBF published John Argo's novel Neon Blue in weekly serial chapters 1996-1997, while THV published one of the world's early VR SF novels (today retitled Cold Bright: Zoeuml; Calla and the Dark Starship by Farlane Wolf) as Heartbreaker (SF novel). Readers from around the world sent e-mail notes of thanks and praise as they read the two novels under this (for its time) unique, innovative project.

The omnibus umbrella Clocktower Fiction came into existence in late 1996, changing into Clocktower Books in 1997. Fragments of our early existence can be found in the Wayback Machine. We received a listing in Encyclopedia Britannica's online edition in 1998 as Clocktower Fiction. Our short story Taxi M'Koo and the Helium Drive received a glowing review by McClatchy News Service in 1998.

Our acclaimed online magazine Deep Outside SFFH, renamed Far Sector SFFH in 2001, had nearly a decade run (1998-2007). We were, for most of that time, the world's oldest, professional, web-only magazine of sf/f/h after the folding of Ellen Datlow's Event Horizon in 1998. We published many new authors, some of whom went on to become Hugo and Nebula nominees (e.g. Tim Pratt, Ted Kosmatka's first published story); and published some established authors as well (Pat York, Melanie Tem, Andrew Vachss). Lately (2014), we heard that our author and friend Joseph D'Lacey in the U.K. has had several best sellers including the horror novel Meat, along with movie deals. Historical information is at our Museum website.

Brian Callahan is now proprietor of a wonderful graphics company, SighCo, currently in Portland, Oregon. From 2001 to 2012, SighCo Graphics was located in the historic center of New Orleans and a survivor of Katrina. Clocktower Books, in San Diego, since 2001 with John T. Cullen as sole proprietor, continues as a tiny publisher with a huge heart. The pencil shaving logo dates to the heyday of acclaimed (see Museum page).

Clocktower Books is an International Thriller Writers (ITW) approved publisher. The publishing program continues afresh, with on average at least two new titles per year. Acquisitions are currently only back-door through trusted friends and recommendations. Please do not send proposals, queries, or manuscripts at this time. When this policy changes, we will post notice.


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