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we published some of the top names in SFFH including SFWA officers but SFWA refused to ever recognize our existence (animal territorialism)

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Museum Pages: Making Our Case. In these Clocktower Books Museum pages, we want to tell the story of Clocktower Fiction/Clocktower Books, the small digital press in San Diego, California wherewith we published the world's first true e-novels starting in 1996. For all this, and more, we provide history and documentation here.… go to contents page

Pioneers in Internet and Digital Publishing since 1996. We have preserved our heritage as best possible, including these Museum Pages or Heritage Sites dating as far back as 1996. We have preserved the final iteration of each of our historic websites for research and scholarship as well as enjoyment. The list of primary Heritage Sites is at right. Two are still the core sites of this webplex, as noted (bottom right).

Acclaimed Pioneering Magazine. We will tell you about our acclaimed pioneering SF/DF/H magazine that had a remarkable decade run (1998-2002 Deep Outside SFFH, morphing into 2002-2007 Far Sector SFFH)..

Unique Clocktower Books ISBN Prefix. Since 2000, we've held our own unique Four-Digit Publisher Code/International Standard Book Number (ISBN) Prefix 0-7433 or 978-0-7433 . See: Wikipedia List .

Recognized ITW Publisher. Clocktower Books (formerly Clocktower Fiction) has been a recognized publisher by International Thriller Writers (ITW) since 2009.

ITW Active Member/Author John T. Cullen has been an Active Member of International Thriller Writers (ITW) since 2009. Here is the ITW official list .

Listed in Encyclopedia of Science Fiction. For more information about our book and magazine publishing history, one resource for reference is SFE: The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction online. We will soon be featured in a major history of SF magazines (TBD-stand by) by Mike Ashley (University of Liverpool Press, U.K.) .

= We Made History Starting in 1996 =

• Heritage Sites •

Museum Pages. Below are some of the most important museum websites from the nearly quarter century history of Clocktower Books to date. These are websites in their own right, preserved in their final iterations. They are listed in semi-chronological order here, but will be described more precisely in the Museum pages that follow on this site.

click for website Neon Blue Fiction 1996 [1996-1997; retired into Clocktower Fiction which became Clocktower Books circa 2000] Published the world's first true SF e-novel for download (This Shoal of Space, 1996-1997 in innovative weekly serial chapters. More info at CTB Museum pages.

click for website The Haunted Village 1996 [1996-1997; retired into Clocktower Fiction which became Clocktower Books circa 2000] Published the world's first true Suspense e-novel for download (Neon Blue, 1996-1997 in innovative weekly serial chapters. More info at CTB Museum pages.

click for website Deep Outside SFFH 1998—Acclaimed web-only professional SFFH magazine that published established and new authors, including then and future noms & awardees of the Hugo, Nebula, Sturgeon, and other prestigious awards. See Enclyclopedia of Science Fiction (ESF) online among other resources. Many of these historic stories can still be read online for free, courtesy wise & generous authors. NOTE: 2022 renovation to restore many broken links etc. Ruins still visible for now at old domain.

click for website Far Sector SFFH 1998—When John T. Cullen became sole proprietor of Clocktower Books and its imprints in 2001, he continued the professional SFWA magazine but renamed it Far Sector SFFH. He kept the website but published the stories at (now defunct). He ended the magazine's near-decade run in January 2007. With demise of Fictionwise in 2012, stories no longer readable through this venue but records available online at Wayback, Wikipedia, Encyclopedia of SF, International SF Database (ISFDB), and other key websites.

click for website SharpWriter.Com 1998 Started 1998, SWC was John T. Cullen's personal pro writing resource which he turned into an acclaimed portal and review site that was live until retired and offline in 2006. Named one of the Web's top 101 websites for writers by Writer's Market in 1999. JTC still owns the domain name.

• Active Heritage Sites—Core Elements of My Webplex •

this is the website - click for index page Clocktower Books Domain created 6 June 2000. World's first true publisher of e-novels on line for download starting 1996 as C&C (Brian Callahan, John T. Cullen), became Clocktower Fiction in Fall 1997, then Clocktower Books in 2000 (still actively publishing; by invitation only). Lots of historical info at the CTB Museum pages at the Clocktower Books website.

click for website John T. Cullen Domain created 2 July 2000. Primary anchor website (personal) of John T. Cullen (JTC) San Diego author. JTC continues Clocktower Books tradition at the Clocktower Books website including these Museum pages and linked historical sites.


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