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Notable Authors

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Notable Authors We've Published

List Continues To Be Developed from our records. This specifically refers to authors of short stories we published at our Pro SFFH magazine 1998-2007. It's a long list, and this may take some time. Thanks for your patience and interest. Many of our top-notch authors (not necessarily these stories) have won or been nominated for the top awards in the SFFH world, including Nebula, Hugo, Sturgeon, Asimov's Readers' Choice Award, Locus Award for Best First Novel, and more. at the same time, it's important to note that we were equally open to established, rising, and first-time authors. This quick, selective list only covers a few of the better known, including at least two whose first published stories were with Deep Outside/Far Sector SFFH. Apologies to any of our wonderful authors who feels left out.

Dr. Andrew Burt SFWA Vice President, 2003-2005, 2007-2008 Story: "A Bird in Hand" (Far Sector SFFH, Aug 2003)

Linda Dunn SFWA Regional Director, South-Central, 1998-2001 Story: "One Is False; Nothing Is True" (Far Sector SFFH, Dec 2002)

Maria Alexander Wikipedia Article Story: "Agnus Dei" (Far Sector SFFH, April 2003)

Joseph D'Lacey Wikipedia Article Story: "What They Want (What Aliens Really, Really Want)" (Far Sector SFFH, Jan 2004)

Kameron Hurley Wikipedia Article Her first published story: "If Women Do Fall They Lie," Deep Outside SFFH, Spring 2001.

Ted Kosmatka Wikipedia Article His first published story: "The Extinction of Ursus Theodorus," Deep Outside SFFH, c2001.

Marissa K. Lingen Honorable Mention, Dell (Asimov) Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Science Fiction and Fantasy Writing Story Title: "Prototype" (Far Sector SFFH, Jun 2003). Author was nominated for a 1999 story published elsewhere.

Brian Plante Wikipedia Article Story Title: "Papa Rat" (Deep Outside SFFH, c.2000).

Tim Pratt Wikipedia Article Story Title: "Bleeding West" (Deep Outside SFFH, 2001) "The Scent of Copper Pennies" (Far Sector SFFH, 2003). "The Dog Boys" (Deep Outside SFFH, c.2000).

Karina Sumner-Smith Honorable Mention, 2002 Asimov Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Science Fiction and Fantasy Writing Story Title: "Loving The Bomb" (Far Sector SFFH, Nov. 2003). Author was also nominated for another story published elsewhere in 2002.

Melanie Tem Wikipedia Article Story Title: The Psychic Magic Show (Deep Outside SFFH, c2001)

Pat York SFWA Article Story Title: Wishes (Deep Outside SFFH, c.2001)

More author names & story titles coming soon from Clocktower Books & related records dating back to the infancy of online HTML publishing. NOTE: Many of the links at the old magazine sites are unfortunately semi-broken; here is a top-level list of Deep Outside SFFH authors: (List). The stories published at Fictionwise for Far Sector SFFH vanished in 2012 with the Fictionwise website (bought by Barnes & Noble). The list of authors and titles remains at the (List) Far Sector SFFH website.

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