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Three Possible Causes of MH370 Disappearance:

Lemma 1: Accident (No Human Involvement or N.H.I.)
Lemma 2: Sabotage (Including Pilot Suicide)
Lemma 3: Hijack with More Malice Aforethought

Story Plot of Vanished Flight 777:

Part One of Five
Part Two of Five
Part Three of Five
Part Four of Five
Part Five: Epilog (Maps)

Amazing Ramree Island (Myanmar or Burma) in the Bay of Bengal: I chose this arbitrarily as a refueling stop and disposal scene (with profound apologies) for putatively hijacked MH370 because of Ramree's fascinating and grisly history:

One of World's First Aircraft Hijacks (1956)
2014 Body Disposal re: 1945 Giant Crocodile Massacre

Added Info:

NOTE: If some of the points in the following Added Info section appear repetitive, it's because I am posting this material on the fly after the emergence of MH370 floating debris in mid-2015. I will keep rewriting and polishing these pages.

Aug 2015: Into the Drink; What Now?
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A Novel and Thought Experiment
by John T. Cullen

"Eternal Vigilance is the Price of Liberty."


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