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Bitter Moon over Brooklyn                              
by Renée Horowitz

Bitter Moon over Brooklyn —by Renée Horowitz, Clocktower Books. REVIEW: "Renée Horowitz creates a dead-on portrait of an insular, Mad Men-era world in which women define themselves by their success at marriage...a world in which small acts of malice reverberate. Bitter, indeed, and gripping." —Janice Steinberg, bestselling author of The Tin Horse.

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Vanished Flight 777—Military Thriller & Mind-Blowing Thought Experiment based on true mystery of Missing Flight MH370

Vanished Flight 777—by John T. Cullen (Clocktower Books, 5 June 2014) available now in print and e-book editions). Aviation's #1 Mystery: What happened to vanished Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370? What if it didn't fall into the Indian Ocean, but was hijacked, to be weaponized, and to be used in a spectacular 9/11 style attack—St. Peter's Basilica in Rome? St. Paul's in London? Haifa, Israel? Hagia Sofia? The mission failed, but the enemy will try again. Updates 2014, 2015, 2016

visit the Jean-Thomas Cullen page for Stop By: A Sentimental Love Story for the 21st Century 978-0743316460

Streamliners: Love, Murder, & Mayhem in the Art Deco City of Clocktowers—DarkSF novel by John Argo

Streamliners —by John Argo, Clocktower Books available now in print and e-book editions. This is the 1993 DarkSF thriller that gave Clocktower Books its name. In a world parallel to our own lies the 1930ish Art Deco city of Raritania. A mad billionaire, owner of World Anaconda Corporation, wants to take over the world. He stops at nothing, like plotting to kill his own granddaughter, Lexa Whiston. Enter Dr. Jeff Maxxon, handsome and on the rebound, to rescue Lexa, Raritania, and the world—with a breath-taking adventure into our own continuum to kill Hitler using a time-traveling model VW of solid brass, just for starters…

Empire of Time—SF Future History Series by John Argo—Millions of Years of Empire, Love, War, and Human Lives—In the tradition of Cordwainer Smith, James Tiptree Jr., A. E. Van Vogt, Isaac Asimov, Robert Heinlein, and Andre Norton (et al).

Empire of TimeSF Future History Series by John Argo, Clocktower Books—AVAILABLE NOW— in print and e-book formats. Ongoing; already several gripping SF novels with fascinating, heroic characters caught up in cosmic and amazing adventures—more info on this site soon…

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