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World's First True E-Novels 1996: Documented History

World's First True E-Novels 1996: Documented History

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= Far Sector SFFH =

Clocktower Books Fall 2001. During the fall of 2001, John T. Cullen became sole owner of Clocktower Books when Brian Callahan moved on to found, a graphic arts venture where he could focus his talents in new directions. By this time, Clocktower Fiction had become Clocktower Books to allow for the addition of nonfiction titles. At the same time, as sole proprietor of the magazine, John T. Cullen changed the name, format, and approach.

Far Sector SFFH. The name of the Clocktower Books online magazine became Far Sector SFFH to reflect a change in operating philosophy. While continuing to follow SFWA requirements for a professional publication, the magazine now adopted a more pragmatic royalty format better suited to Internet publishing. The distributor became Fictionwise from 2002 until the termination of Fictionwise by its new owner, Barnes & Noble, after December 2012. The magazine published as Far Sector SFFH from late 2001 or early 2002 until January 2007, at the end of effectively a decade long run.

Fictionwise. Fictionwise, the premier e-book retailer in the 2000s, established separate publishing websites for Clocktower Books and Far Sector SFFH, with a rating system in four levels (great, good, ok, poor). Fictionwise also set up separate author pages for each author. By 2007, Far Sector SFFH had published nearly 70 authors including new and established names, as well as several top level SFWA officers. A number of new authors went on to garner nominations and/or awards: Nebula, Hugo, British Fantasy Award, Sturgeon, and more in Canada, Australia, and elsewhere. Several unknowns published by Far Sector SFFH became well-known in the field, including Pat York, Justin Stanchfield, Joseph D'Lacey, Karina Sumner-Smith, Tim Pratt, and more. This is in addition to names published earlier by Deep Outside SFFH.

Far Sector SFFH Museum Page. The legacy of the magazine in its two major forms is preserved in the Clocktower Books Museum Pages. See Deep Outside SFFH and Far Sector SFFH. Most stories published by Deep Outside SFFH are still live on the site. The stories published by Far Sector SFFH were offered on the Fictionwise website, and are no longer available as of December 2012. However, the names and approximate publication dates of those stories may still be found at the Far Sector SFFH website.