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Early Recognition: Locus Online #1

World's First True E-Novels 1996: Documented History

World's First True E-Novels 1996: Documented History

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= Early Links to Clocktower Fiction Locus Online #1 =

C&C or Callahan & Cullen as publishers of Clocktower Fiction; domain name purchased December 1996Locus Online Links 1997 Here is the link to Locus Online from 1997.

What the page below tells us is that CTF in 1997 was already well in place. Here it is documented as since 1996 by Locus Online, the 'Newspaper of the Science Fiction Field'. It is particularly interesting in the context of famous publications on that page, including 253, Ansible, and Omni Online. There is more to say about Omni when we discuss the Clocktower Fiction magazine Deep Outside SFFH a few pages from now.

I received a wonderful review (one of several in the novel as published) from Tim Pratt at Locus Online in 1998 for my short novel Lantern Road (written as John Argo, briefly released as John T. Cullen, later back to John Argo, my preferred SF/DF/H persona).

Locus Online 1997