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Early Recognition: Locus Online #2

World's First True E-Novels 1996: Documented History

World's First True E-Novels 1996: Documented History

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= Early Links Locus Online #2 =

C&C or Callahan & Cullen as publishers of Clocktower Fiction; domain name purchased December 1996Locus Online Links 1997 Here is a link to Locus Online from 1998.

This link, apparently from 1998, lists Deep Outside SFFH by a careless version of our magazine's original title, Outside: Speculative & Dark Fiction. When we launched on 15 April 1998, we used the latter title. We soon received death threats from a backpacking print magazine in the form of a ream of insults and yodeling from a law firm with about 200 partner names in Chicago (you could almost smell the Tommy Gun smoke). Brian and I decided to take the prudent course and change our name from Outside (though not even a half-stoned, crazed chipmunk under a marijuana leaf in the forest could mistake our content for theirs). We adopted Deep Outside, which Brian really liked, and I added SFFH for product clarity and SEO. People without a trained editorial eye and care for detail inevitably just drop all the words they don't like and use the title as they think it should be. It's like mindlessly referring to the United States of America as America, as if the rest of the Americans from Patagonia to Nunavut didn't exist.

What-Evvah! They did get our DBA right (C&C, which could be either Cullen & Callahan or Callahan & Cullen, very democratically). Also very nicely, they mentioned our original July 1996 website The Haunted Village, on which we published the world's first true digital novel for download (Heartbreaker, SF, retitled This Shoal of Space in 1998.

First Issue etc. One gleans the approximate pub date from the reference to 'first issue'. Our first issue was 15 April 1998, and we planned to follow SFWA's guidelines to the letter by publishing at least three times a year. Thus, this notice had to be from around Spring or early Summer 1998.

Locus Online 1997