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World's First True E-Novels 1996: Documented History

World's First True E-Novels 1996: Documented History

= Georgetown University 29 June 1998 Link =

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New Journal, Georgetown University listed Clocktower Fiction on 29 June 1998. This is another of multiple screenshots of CTF from 1998 into the early 2000s.

This Is Another Critical Screenshot. By this time, we were two years into our novel publishing program. This listing tells of 1700 pages in three novels(Neon Blue, Pioneers; they forgot to mention Heartbreaker or This Shoal of Space). They do mention our innovative (never done before in this online context) weekly serial chapters. The reference to irregularly published stories refers to the fact that Brian and I had decided to add my short stories and short novels to the mix as Featured Stories, while the novels were Featured Novels.

C&C or Callahan & Cullen as publishers of Clocktower Fiction; domain name purchased December 1996