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World's First True E-Novels 1996: Documented History

World's First True E-Novels 1996: Documented History

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= SFF Net 22 Sep 1999 New Jour =

SFF Net. When you search the SFFNet site for "Clocktower Fiction." you get some confusing info but we are there indeed. Apparently, the listings go back to 22 September 1999 or earlier. SFF Net's listing confuses our book publishing arm (Clocktower Fiction at the time) with our magazine (Deep Outside SFFH). The latter was (from Oct 1998 to Jan 2007) the world's oldest SFWA-qualifying website paying professional rates and following all the rules for SFWA Professional recognition (for publishers as well as authors) although SFWA refused to acknowledge our existence.* The story actually is that, when Penthouse pulled the plug on Omni, Ellen Datlow launched Event Horizon, which in 1997 was the world's oldest and only professional magazine of SFFH. We launched Deep Outside SFFH on 15 April 1998. Ellen abandoned EH in October 1998, leaving us as the world's oldest professional (by SFWA published standards) digital magazine online without print antecedents, as Brian carefully framed it. There's a lot more background noise about all this, which I will relate one day.

NOTE: to fit this image into my web format, I have to break it in half. Sorry. Otherwise my margins would be off the edges of your computer, to say nothing of your hand-held device.

C&C or Callahan & Cullen as publishers of Clocktower Fiction; domain name purchased December 1996